Abduction Attempt

The world's first known attempted abduction occurred in the afternoon of May 20 to a young woman heading home to make dinner. Her walk was interrupted by a bright flash of light and two dark arms appearing above her and grabbing her face and neck. Before she lost consciousness she was only able to notice the arm's yellowish caste.

The woman remembered being dragged through bushes and a voice above her saying "There she is. We've got her." The events around her seemed to be happening at an increased speed. She was taken into a clearing were suddenly the pressure ceased and she collapsed.

Her bag and its money were still with her. After a few moments the woman heard a noise and a blinding light shot across the sky above her. A calm then fell over the area. The woman made her way to a near by house were the police were called in to investigate. Her body showed clear physical evidence of the attempted abduction- her face had indentations from the two hands, with each hand having five fingers.

While this may seem like a simple robbery some things are not right. First, the woman's money was not taken. Second, the marks on her face showed the attacker had an extra digit on his hands. Also there was the bright flash overhead of the aliens leaving the area in their craft. The attempted abductions was officially a mystery.

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