Soviet Abduction

In May, 1978 the Soviet Union experienced their first admitted abduction. A Russian named Anatoly, who was serving under the military at the time, was walking along the shore of Pyrogovskoye Lake. Two humanoid beings appeared and communicated with him via telepathy. He was taken to a strange room white in color with light seeming to ooze from unknown places. Anatoly spoke with the two beings and attempted to recruit them to help fight the evils of the world like capitalism. They appeared to be wearing "cellophane suits". The aliens said they were visiting from another galaxy and waiting for when the earth would be ready for full contact. They gave him a salty lemonade-like drink containing an amnesia-inducing agent. Anatoly asked the aliens why such an advanced civilization did not drink alcohol. The aliens responded, "Perhaps if we did then we would not be such an advanced civilization."

The next Anatoly knew he was laying on the shore of the lake alone. In a daze he walked home feeling disorientated. His wife did not want him to discuss the abduction for fear of reprisals from the government. He had missed a job though during the time he was missing and had no alternative but to report the incident to his superiors. The Red Army initially thought Anatloy had made the story up to avoid a court martial for failing his duty. After psychological analysis, hypnosis, batteries of tests, and a lie detector test the Red Army was persuaded he was telling the truth. The fact that the incident came out at all during the Cold War raises questions. The whole incident might be misinformation meant to mislead the US about alien-Soviet contact. Also questions arise as to if there was any other alien activity prior to this event. The abduction occurred almost twenty-one years after the Roswell incident. The possibility does exist though that the USSR was visited by life from beyond this planet.