Cover Ups

The government and possibly other groups are actively trying to cover-up the existence of alien life and their visits to Earth. Below are articles about this conspiracy.

Men in Black
Summary: Sometimes, after a UFO sighting or encounter, the witnesses are visited by mysterious Men in Black.

Bernard Newman
Summary: A British author wrote a book about a UFO crash like Roswell, possibly sending a message to the US government.

Alien Pancakes
April 18, 1961
Eagle River, WI
Summary: A man had an encounter with Men in Black from a UFO who gave him several pancake-like objects.

Mariana Movie
April 15, 1952
Great Falls, MO
Summary: A man filmed a UFO sighting. When the government studied the film, they kept 30 frames of it while saying it showed nothing.

Hopkin MIB Encounter
New Jersey
Summary: A UFO investigator experienced an encounter with a Man in Black.

William English
May 1970-Present
Summary: William English found a B-52 crashed in Vietnam under bizzare conditions. Ever since, his life has been at risk.

Project Moon Dust
Aug 3, 1967
Kutum, Sudan
Aug 1, 1970
Lai, Chad
Aug 21, 1979
La Paz, Bolivia
Summary: Three seperate accounts of the activities of the government's program to recover space debris.

Mass Panic
Summary: The famed broadcast of The War of the Worlds and the reaction is caused gives the government a possible reason for concealing alien life.

Summary: The Freedom of Information Act may seem like a great method to discover the truth about aliens. But would a government that has been hiding the truth for decades reveal when you just fill out a few forms?

Hollywood Truth
Summary: Information about a possible aborted plan by the government to reveal the truth about alien life.

FBI Memo
March 22, 1950
Summary: Text of a FBI memo stating that a alien spacecraft had crashed in the desert and alien bodies were recovered.

First MIB Encounter
Sept 1952, CN
Summary: The possible first encounter of Men in Black.

Robert White Sighting
July 17, 1962
Edge of space
Summary: A UFO sighting in an X-15.

Joseph Walker Sighting
April 1962
Edge of space
Summary: Joseph Walker was able to film UFOs during his X-15 flights. The films have never been made public.

Faith 7 Sighting
May 15, 1963
In orbit around Earth
Summary: A UFO was spotted by Gordon Cooper in Faith 7 and tracked by radar from a tracking station.

Gemini 4 Sighting
June 1965
In orbit around Earth
Summary: Photographs of a UFO over Hawaii have never been made public.

Gemini 7 Sighting
Dec 1965
In orbit around Earth
Summary: When a UFO was spotted, NASA used an excuse the astronauts knew was wrong.

Maurice Chatelain
Summary: A former chief of NASA, Maurice Chatelain reveals information about NASA and alien life.


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