Aztec Crash

The Aztec crash was revealed and promoted by Frank Scully during his lectures and writings. His source for the crash account was Dr. Gee, a specialist in magnetic anomalies for the US government and working at Los Alamos.

Dr. Gee was flown by helicopter into the desert on a secret mission in April 1948. The mission was to study the wreckage of a disc-like craft that had crashed in the area. Found at the crash site were dead alien bodies. The bodies were just over three feet tall, had no body hair, soft downy skin. Two of the aliens had survived the crash before dieing soon afterwards. The alien craft used some type of magnetic propulsion system to fly. It was constructed of a light, yet durable, metal and had pictorial symbols similiar to hieroglyphics inside.

Further details about the crash came from Dr. Robert Spencer Carr, an expert in nonverbal communications at the University of South Florida. Through his contact with the government he learned that the craft had been tracked on radar as it fell. The bodies that were recovered from the crash were taken to Wright Patterson Air Force Base and placed in cryogenic suspension. The bodies appeared unexpectedly human: only their small stature, large heads, and rounded eyes were distinguishing. The alien bodies even had human O-type blood.