Laredo Crash

A large craft crashed just inside Mexico near Laredo, Texas. Some reports say that the craft had been pursued by jet fighters from Dias Air Force Base and may have been disabled in a shoot out. A massive recovery operation checked over the debris and a badly burned, hairless being about four feet tall was rescued.

In 1979 a retired photographer from the government test facility at Whtie Sands admitted that he had been taken to the site to film the aftermath of an air crash. He was told that the craft was just a secret plane but thought the body seemed out of the ordinary. The body that was recovered had a large head and claw-like hands. Doctors were discussing the body and saying that the skin was smooth, there was no muscular structure, and a sulphurous smell permeated the body.

The photographer had made his own copies of a few of the 500 photographs taken at the crash site. Kodak confirmed the date of the film. It is possible that photographic evidence of alien life has existed for over 19 years.