Valentich Disappearance

Frederick Valentich, a twenty year old pilot, took off from Moorabbin Airport, Melbourne at 6:19 PM in a rented Cessna. He was planning to make a 300 mile round trip to Kings Island located in Bass Strait. Valentich was to collect crayfish for the local Air Training Corps officers with his return expected around 10:00 PM.

Valentich asked Melbourne ground control if any aircraft were in his vicinity below 5000 feet at 7:06 PM. Melbourne responded negative. Valentich then said an aircraft with four bright lights had just passed 1000 feet over him. The type was indistinguishable to him. The object the approached him from the east and Valentich said, "It's not an aircraft... It has a long shape... coming for me right now..." The object then vanished. The engine of the Cessna was rough-idling and coughing when Valentich reported for the last time, "Unknown aircraft now on top of me." After Melbourne acknowledged there was a 17 second burst of metallic noise. A search which would last for a week was initiated at 7:28 PM that found no trace of Valentich or the plane.

Valentich's last flight had been his first solo night flight. It is possible that he flipped his plane and caused a stall. A one way flight plan had been filed even though he had stated his intention to return. Because of this some suspected a hoax and intentional disappearance or a suicide. He and motives for neither though. Also, considering the evidence of his final transmissions, Valentich was the victim of a UFO much like Captain Thomas Mantell of Godman AFB. The UFO could have closed with him, started an evasive move to put its self in firing position, and then destroyed Valentich with a weapon that caused 17 seconds of metallic noise on the radio.