Facchini Encounter

In the evening of April 24, 1950 Bruno Facchini saw sparks near his house. He assumbed they were lighting but decided to investigate anyway. He found a disc-like craft hovering beside a telegraph pole with four beings surrounding it. The beings appeared to be engaged in repair work on their craft. They wore gray one-piece clothing with transparent face masks and were about human height. A breathing tube came from the front of each mask.

The sparks Facchini had seen were pouring out of pipes which one of the aliens was working on with some type of device. The inside of the craft could be partially seen through an open vent. Inside were lots of dials and cylinders. The air around the craft was unusually warm and a buzzing sound like a giant beehive was heard constantly.

After Facchini had watched the aliens he decided to offer his assistance. They conversed with each other in a guttural language. One of the aliens pointed a tube at him, out of which came a beam of light. Facchini was knocked backs several yards and then a following blast of air knocked him down. The aliens then returned to their craft, which took off sideways.

When Facchini returned to the site in daylight he found scorch marks, imprints from landing gear, and pieces of metal. The police handled the debris who involved the Ministry of Defence. Scientists who examined the samples said they were comprised of heat-resistant metal that would be ideal in space flight to face the burn-up as the craft entered Earth's atmosphere.