Italian Encounter

A UFO landed next to the town cemetery in the afternoon of August 14. A local farmer approached the craft and described it as 20 feet accross. It apperaed to be made out of a white aluminium-like metal. The legs it sat on had stairs leading up into it. Blue portholes surrounded the center of the craft.

The farmer stared at the UFO and did not notice a group of six aliens inspecting the cemetery. When they saw the farmer they did not react but continued what they were doing. The aliens were a little over three feet tall and dressed in relective one-piece jump suits. Their faces almost resembled monkeys and were white. They had large, round, and blue eyes. The aliens communicated through hand gestures only. They wore gas tanks on their backs which had tubes leading to their mouths. They wore belts which held mulitcolored glass lenses.

After a while, one of the aliens pointed a tube at the farmer. There was a flash and the farmer was stunned. When he recovered, the aliens were reboarding their craft. Once all the aliens were aboard the craft retraccted its landing gear and the outer edge of the craft starting rotating. A sucking noise was heard and the craft took off with a reddish-green flame. The UFO rose straight up to roof top level, paused, and then flew away an angle at tremendous speed without a shock wave.