Red Aliens

The sightings of a red creature and UFOs are highly unusual and not easy to dismiss as a mere hoax.

In Flatwoods, Virginia, three boys were playing in a field when a red ball crossed the sky in an arc and fell behind a nearby hill. The youths, thinking it might be a meteorite, investigated. As the headed to the crash site, they attracted a crowd including a woman with her two sons and other local townspeople. A dog accompanied them and and ahead barking.

When the crowd caught up to the dog they found a thick, pungent smelling mist. The red ball was sitting on the ground. Soon the crowd has spotted a creature in a nearby tree. It had a huge head and two glowing eyes staring at the crowd. Emanating from them were beams of blue light. The alien had no clear lower body or legs. It glided towards the crowd silently. Mass panic happened to the crowd and the dog collapsed, having to be dragged from the path of the alien. The encounter deeply shocked the townspeople. Even after they had fled back to the town, they still could not talk coherently.

On September 13 there was clear evidence of what had happened the previous night. The grass gave off a foul odor and was crushed flat. There were also marks on the ground from the UFO. The encounter was investigated by the US Air Force, who's represenatives were not identified as such. A week before the encounter a woman in Weston, Virginia (ten miles from Flatwoods) had had a similar encounter and was hospitalized for several weeks.

A month prior to the encounter at Flatwoods, a similar encounter had occured in West Palm Beach, Florida on August 19. A scoutmaster, "Sonny" Desvergers, was driving some of his scouts home when they saw an odd light. When they entered the brush, Desvergers found himself in front of a hovering object with a red vaporous glow. The glow engulfed him and the object emitted an ozone smell.

Desvergers collapsed and was discovered by police at the scene. The hat he had been wearing showed electrical spark holes and the soil under were the UFO had hovered showed bizzare traces. A US Air Force lab discovered that the roots of the grass had been cooked from below, but the exposed blades were unaffected. An alternating magnetic field is a possible cause for the plant damage and injuries to Desvergers. The field could possibly have been part of the purpolsion system of the UFO.