Hollywood Truth

By early 1949 stories of crashing UFOs were becoming incredibley common. By the the end of 1949 there were strong rumors that Hollywod was about to release a movies dealing with aliens, The Flying Saucer. It was believed that it would use film evidence of captured UFO wreckage and real extraterrestrials in the possession of the US government. The rumors amounted to nothing.

It is possible that the federal government had decided to reveal its knowledge of extraterrestrial life to the people of the United States and the world. Several possiblities exist as to why the plan was never carried out. One is the reconsideration of the effect of such knowledge and it was decided to cancel the plan. Another is that a group controling the conspiracy to conceal the truth about extraterrestrial life threatened the life or posistion of who ever did want to reveal the truth. Or other countries recieved knowledge of America's intention of revealing the truth and pursuaded those in charge not to follow through with their intentions.

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