Project Moon Dust
AUGUST 1, 1970 >> LAI, CHAD

A number of State Department telegrams from US embassies overseas and internal teletypes of the Department of Defense have references to Project Moon Dust. Project Moon Dust is the retrieval of space debris that has fallen back to Earth. The purpose was to retrieve US space debris before it could fall into the hands of Soviet forces and to retrieve Soviet debris so that it could be studied. Also retrieved was unknown alien debris. The following are three accounts of such alien debris.

On August 3, 1967 in Kutum, Sudan a cube-shaped object weighing about three tons was found about 50 miles from Kutum. It was made up of smaller cubes held together by a very durable material. The local authorities photographed it and were unable to find any identifying markings on it.

Near Lai, Chad on August 1, 1979 the US Defense Attaches was called by Chad's Minister of the Interior to inspect an object that had been found. As the object had fallen three loud explosions were heard and the wreckage burned for five days. The remains consisted of a metal sphere 18 inches in diameter weighing 20-25 pounds.

A fireball fell with a whistling sound and exploded in the suburb of Bue Retiro of La Paz, Bolivia on August 21, 1979. No impact crater was found though. Two metallic spheres were recovered each about three feet in diameter and weighing three pounds with a nine each hole. A Bolivian officer thought they appeared to be designed for space flight.

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