Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Take a moment to scroll down and read the introduction to this site. Then just use the menu at the left to navigate through the site. The links in the menu will take you to tables of contents for the articles. The articles are only a click away then. All of the articles within are based on accounts of real experiences. If you have an article you would like to contribute send it to me and I will post it. If you have a comment regarding an article send it to me and I will post it by the article. Direct all questions, articles, and comments to JMolnar@bigfoot.com.

As you read the documents on this site it is important for you to keep an open mind. For you to just automatically discount what is here defeats the whole purpose of the site. By discounting these documents without cause you will only serve those who seek to conceal such things as UFOs and aliens and their involvement with them. If you continue to believe what you are told, if you do not question it, then they have already won. They know the truth and know that we want to learn it. Because of this they know they will win.

There is but one option for those who wish to make the truth known. We must spread it so that everyone knows. When everyone is informed, when everyone knows the truth about aliens and UFOs and our government's involvement with them, only then will the truth seekers be able to win and defeat the conspiracy that daunts us. Right now they control the truth. But the truth is the very thing they fear the most.

As you read the documents comprising this site have an open mind. Do not assume that those who witnessed these events are crazy. It is only through the spreading of knowledge to everyone that the real truth will be revealed.

John Molnar
December 23, 1997

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