MIB Encounter
1976 >> NEW JERSEY

In 1976 Dr. Herbert Hopkins was a consulting hypnotist on an apparent UFO abduction case in Maine. One night while alone at his house he received a telephone call from a man claiming to be from a New Jersey UFO group. (The group would latter be found to never have existed.) The man on the telephone asked to meet with Hopkins and discuss the case. The doctor would latter think it odd that he so easily consented to discuss the matter.

Hopkins was not startled when only a few seconds a strange man was at his door after he hung up. The man's appearance was very strange: bald, no eyebrows or eyelashes. His clothing consisted of a black suit, black tie, and a white shirt; all were immaculate and precisely pressed. Hopkins latter commented "I thought, he looks like an undertaker." The man's face was dead-white except for his lips which appeared to have lipstick on them.

The doctor at the time found none of this strange and gave the details of the case to him for some time. Eventually the man's speech seemed to be slowing and his movements were unsteady as he rose. "My energy is running low. Must go now. Goodbye," were his final words to Dr. Hopkins as he departed. Only after the man had left did the doctor realize the strangeness of what had happened.

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