Men In Black

Since the 1950s men in black (MIB) have been reported. Over thirty incidents have occurred and been investigated; countless others may not have even been reported. The mission of the MIBs is to dissuade people from discussing their experiences with UFOs or seeking information regarding them. Early theories regarding MIBs was that they were government agents who sought to obscure truths about UFOs. They purposely dressed and acted strangely so that anyone attempting to tell of an encounter with one would end up sounding like a lunatic. That theory has lost affect has the behavior of MIBs is so strange as to be greater then even the most paranoid imaginations about government conspiracies. Other theories are that MIB are illusions or hoaxes.

They may appear pale or more often dark skinned and foreign with slanted eyes. They generally travel in groups of three or occasionally one. Many are reported to be fascinated by such common items as mechanical pens or eating utensils. Nearly all dress somberly in black suits and ties with white shirts. Some speak with accents and their language is either very formal or full of slang. MIBs are reported to tend to appear robotic being neither warm nor malign. Some instill fear in those they visit merely by their presence. Others intimidate those they visit with threats of physical violence, though no MIB has been reported to have used violence. (If a MIB had to use violence who would be left to report it?).

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