Foo Fighters

Foo fighters were reported by American Air Force pilots flying over the Rhine River in the fall of 1944. The pilots reported seeing errie, luminous balls that appeared from nowhere and chased the planes. The disks were different colors such as red, orange, or white and might blink on and off. They would dive and dart through the sky in incredible maneuvers. Up to ten would be reported following a plane at one time.

It was believed that the foo fighters were actually German secret weapons. This theory lost credibility because none of them ever harmed an Allied plane. After the war it was learned that the Germans had also sighted the objects and assumed them to be secret Allied weapons.

Latter pilots would also see foo fighters. Bomber crews over the Pacific Ocean reported them. Pilots flying in Korea and Vietnam also saw the objects. The appearance of foo fighters during military conflicts suggests they are aliens spying on earthly military might.