Gorman Sighting

Lt. George Gorman was preparing to land at Fargo after a routine patrol flight in his F-51 Mustang on October 1, 1948 over North Dakota. As he commenced his approach he noticed what he thought was the taillight of another aircraft 1,000 yards away. When Gorman queried the control tower about it he was told that no other planes were near him except for a Piper Cub he had visual contact of below him. He approached the light and saw that it was about six to eight inches across, was clear, white, and round with fuzzy edges. The UFO would blink on and off. As Gorman neared it the UFO veered away in a sharp left turn and dove toward the ground. Gorman dove at 400 MPH but was unable to catch the light; it suddenly reversed course and started climbing steeply.

Gorman continued to chase the UFO when the object turned to the right and started heading straight at him. Just as a collision seemed intimate Gorman dove and watched the object pass 500 feet above him. Again the object turned towards him only this time the object climbed vertically just short of a collision. Gorman also climbed but his Mustang began to stall at 14,000 feet and the object shot out of sight headed north by northwest

The sighting lasted for 27 minutes. Lt. Gorman had served as a instructor pilot during World War II. He was later to conclude that the object must have been being controlled by a mind as the maneuvers had been to sharp and swift to be otherwise.