High-Altitude UFO Seen Over Howell, Michigan

On Tuesday, May 19, 1998, at 10:31 p.m. (four and a half hours after Galaxy IV's systems failure.), Doug Parrish, Michigan director of Skywatch International, spotted "a point of light the size of a star moving slowly across the sky above Howell, Michigan." (population 8,184)

"The altitude (elevation) of the light was approximately 81 degrees in the sky, almost overhead," Parrish reported.

"Upon being spotted, the point of light instantly started to glow brighter, and, in less than two seconds, it became as bright as, if not brighter than, the sun at noon. Since it was only a point of light, it did not cast any appreciable shadow on the residential landscape."

"Once I had acknowledged the light as having been seen, it started to diminish its brightness, and in a time span of five seconds, it had dimmed into invisibility. The light was moving slowly directly south. The actual observation lasted about ten seconds. No noise was heard and there were no running lights."

Howell is located at the intersection of Oakgrove Road and Highway BL96, also known as Grand River Road, 55 miles (88 kilometers) west of Detroit.