Michigan Sightings
MARCH 14, 17, 20, 21, 22, 1966 >> AROUND ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN

About 200 witnesses reported UFOs in Michigan in the spring of 1966. Just before dawn on March 14 UFOs streaked across the skies of three counties around Ann Arbor as reported by numerous citizens and serveral police officers. The objects could move at high speed, make sharp turns, dive, climb and hover with great skill. There was another sighting on March 17.

A 47 year old truck driver, Frank Mannor, on March 20 at 7:30 PM went to see what was bothering his dogs. When returning to his house he spotted a UFO about half a mile away. He called his wife and kids and they watched the UFO for about 15 minutes. Mannor and his son Ronnie walked to within 1,500 feet of the UFO. It was shaped like a pyramid with blue-green light on the right and a white light on the left. The white light turned blood-red as they approached. The UFO had landed in a swamp. Over 50 other people in the neighborhood, including several policemen, also witnessed the UFO.

March 21 50 more witnesses, including 12 police officers, saw a UFO near Ann Arbor resembling the one seen by the Mannors. In the evening 87 co-eds at Hillsdale College, 65 miles to the southwest of Ann Arbor, watched a glowing, football shaped UFO, for four hours. The UFO flew over the campus, around an airport beacon, and dissappeared over a swamp. The flight path of the UFO apperaed to be eratic. The UFO dissapperaed when poilce arrived and reapperaed when they left.

March 22 two police officers and three other witnesses watched as a large glowing object rose from a swamp near a farm. It hovered at 1,000 feet before leaving. One witnesses described it as the classic UFO shape- a domed disk, and saw antennae on the bottom of it.