Fort Monmouth Sightings

At 11:10 AM on September 10 a student radar operator picked up a low-altitude target. For three minutes he tried to switch the radar to automatic tracking but the equipment was unable to. The student assumed the object must be going faster then a jet because of the radar's inability to track it.

At 11:38 AM the pilots of a T-33 training jet at 20,000 feet over Point Pleasant, New Jersey, saw a dull silver disk descending below them. They estimated the altitude of the disk as being at 5,000 feet and its size as 30-50 feet across. When the T-33 began to give chase the UFO stopped descending, hovered, and then flew away to the north and out to sea.

At 3:15 PM Fort Monmouth headquarters frantically demanded the radar center track a UFO that was reported to be in the sky to the north. The UFO climbed almost vertically, leveled out, climbed again, and finally dove. In the afternoon the final sighting, another slow moving object, was made.