Government Cover Ups

The government and possibly other groups are actively trying to cover-up the existence of alien life and their visits to Earth. Below are articles about this conspiracy.

Bernard Newman
Summary: A British author wrote a book about a UFO crash like Roswell, possibly sending a message to the US government.

William English
May 1970-Present
Summary: William English found a B-52 crashed in Vietnam under bizzare conditions. Ever since, his life has been at risk.

Project Moon Dust
Aug 3, 1967
Kutum, Sudan
Aug 1, 1970
Lai, Chad
Aug 21, 1979
La Paz, Bolivia
Summary: Three seperate accounts of the activities of the government's program to recover space debris.

Mass Panic
Summary: The famed broadcast of The War of the Worlds and the reaction is caused gives the government a possible reason for concealing alien life.

Summary: The Freedom of Information Act may seem like a great method to discover the truth about aliens. But would a government that has been hiding the truth for decades reveal when you just fill out a few forms?

Hollywood Truth
Summary: Information about a possible aborted plan by the government to reveal the truth about alien life.

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