Below are articles about encounters with aliens. The person or persons just encounters them; they are not taken aboard a spacecraft.

Facchini Encounter
April 24, 1950
Varese, Italy
Summary: Facchini saw several aliens repairing their space craft. When he offered his assistance he was rendered unconscious. Physical evidence was found.

Aliens and Water
July 2, 1952
Sawtooth Bay, Ontario
Summary: Aliens were observed filling their craft with water as it floated.

Italian Encounter
Aug 14, 1951
Veghenza, Italy
Summary: An Italian farmer saw a group of aliens investigating a cemetery.

Red Aliens
Sept 12, 1952
Flatwoods, Virginia
Aug 19, 1952
West Palm Beach, Florida
Summary: Two separate incidents involving similar aliens.

Godman AFB Sightings
Jan 7, 1948
Fort Knox, Kentucky
Summary: A UFO was spotted near Godman Air Force Base. Captain Thomas Mantell investigated and lost his life.

Dewilde Encounter
Sept 10, 1954
Quarouble, France
Summary: Aliens were sighted by their UFO near the French-Belgian border. The agency investigating seemed to have their own agendas.

Gatay Encounter
Sept. 30, 1954
Summary: A consturction foreman encountered an alien and its craft. There was also a possible abduction.

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